At a time when so many people around the world are turning to prayer for the first time, we can pray for them, our nation, community, churches, families and friends and ourselves to meet with Jesus and find new life and hope.

The Horsham Virtual Prayer Room Facebook group already has 135 members and will be going live on 21st May with:

  • Prayer threads – hope for you, hope for your family and friends, hope for Horsham, hope for our nation, hope for our world
  • Pray for Horsham booklet – pray daily for the people and organisations making up the community of Horsham and villages
  • Prayer ideas, thoughts and encouragement from others

Sign up now at

The ideas and resources can also be found on the Horsham Churches Together website for those without access to Facebook:

Sign up now for an hour of prayer (or more than one hour of prayer) between Ascension and Pentecost. It’s easy to book a slot, please visit:

It would be great to cover every hour, but if the slot you want is already taken, please add your name as well as it will also be great to have more than one person praying at once.

BREAKING NEWS … as of 13th May 10am – 78 out of 230 hours are covered – thank you!

The Digital Family Prayer Adventure Map can be downloaded and printed at home (A4 size) and works with an augmented reality app whether printed in colour or black and white.

St Mary’s has 70 of the A3 versions of the map available – please contact Fiona Prentice, Families & Children’s

Pray for Horsham Booklet – double-sided A5 booklet

Horsham Virtual Prayer Room Prayer Threads for printing out


The cast and crew from One Good Friday Horsham are committed to performing the Horsham Passion Play in the Carfax on Good Friday next year – Friday 2nd April 2021 – along with Wintershall which is committed to returning to Trafalgar Square with their Passion of Jesus play and many of the One Good Friday locations who will be doing the same in their towns and cities on the same day.

An advert for One Good Friday 2021 – Horsham Passion Play will be available to view, along with the Gethsemane monologue, acted by Peter Bergin, who plays the part of Horsham’s Jesus, in Horsham’s Carfax.