Ukraine – Practical Support

Community Support

We are working with the Horsham Refugee Support Group to provide Drop In Centres hosted at Churches for adults, young people and children who are arriving in our community as refugees from Ukraine. We are also offering free language training for new arrivals, led by ESOL / TEFL trained tutors.  If you would like to volunteer to support refugees, or you are hosting refugees and would welcome support from this programme,  please email


To donate to support the refugee community support programme for Ukranian refugees in Horsham, please consider giving your support to the Horsham Refugee Support Group. To specifically support the work of the Churches in this area,  please email

To donate to support the humanitarian support being provided to refugees in transit within and beyond Ukraine, please make use of the facilities offered by the Disasters Emergency Committee.

We are encouraging everyone to donate to the Ukraine appeal using arrangements made by your own Church, or by using the Disaster Emergency Committee website. You can also access this site through the websites of leading charities including Christian Aid. If you are a UK tax payer, please ‘gift aid’ to increase the value of your gift at no cost to yourself. 

By donating to the DEC, your gift will enable major charities and their local partners to purchase and deliver the items which are needed urgently to support refugees and respond to the humanitarian emergency in Ukraine and the wider region. 

Welcoming Refugees – Pledge to Support Those in Need

For information and advice about how individuals and Churches can take positive steps to welcome refugees as part of our community, please visit the website of the Global Sanctuary Foundation. The Sanctuary Foundation is a partnership between charities, Churches and other agencies, with a vision to make the UK a sanctuary for those fleeing injustice and war.

Accommodation for Refugees – Government Scheme

We will update this web page with links to any local initiatives to support refugees who arrive in our area from Ukraine. 

To apply to be part of the Government scheme to provide accommodation in your home for refugees, please visit

Non-Monetary Gifts

Many of us are keen to donate non-monetary items, such as clothing. The advice of international charities is that by donating to the Disaster Emergency Committee, action can be take to ensure that the right kind of clothing, along with water, food and medicines can be procured and safely delivered to the places where it is needed. 

There are occasional ‘pop up’ collection points in our area, and as we hear of them, we will verify that they have appropriate arrangements in place for distribution, and then add them to this page. When donating non-monetary gifts, please try to use existing charities who have good links with aid groups in the destination region. 

If you become aware of alternative drop off points, please email