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A ROCHA UK’s MISSION is to equip Christians and Churches to care for the environment – for God, for nature and all people.

ECO CHURCH is A Rocha UK’s award scheme for churches of all denominations in England and Wales. The free online survey and resources help churches record what they are already doing and help inform decisions on further steps in 5 key areas:
  • Worship and teaching 
  • Management of church buildings
  • Management of church land
  • Community and global engagement
  • Lifestyle

The survey takes account of whether or not your church has buildings or land, it is automatically saved and you can update it anytime. 

Start the Eco Church Survey to gauge where your church currently is, you may find you already qualify for an Eco Church Award!   

HORSHAM ECO CHURCHES encourage and inspire others to share ideas and find out more about caring for God’s world.

Horsham Eco Churches Review for HCT AGM 11.7.23                                                          Horsham Eco Churches Review for Horsham Churches Together AGM 11.7.23

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Together We Can – Climate change can seem overwhelming but together we can do simple things to help the planet and reduce our bills. Information to inspire action, recycle/reduce waste, campaign for climate justice and promote sustainable transport.
Drop in to chat about Eco Church at Sussex Green Hub. Horsham Eco Churches has a monthly stand on the last Saturday at Sussex Green Hub on 25 May, 29 June and 27 July 10am  – 2.30pm at Horsham United Reformed Church.
HCT Churches Registered as Eco Churches

Brighton Road Baptist Church – Silver Eco Church Award
Holy Innocents Parish Church, Southwater
Holy Trinity Church, Horsham
Holy Trinity Church, Lower Beeding
Horsham United Reformed Church
Life Community Baptist Church – Bronze Eco Church Award
London Road Methodist Church, Horsham – Bronze Eco Church Award
St. Andrew’s Methodist Church, Roffey
St. John’s Church, Broadbridge Heath
St. Margaret’s Church, Warnham – Bronze Eco Church Award
St. Mark’s, Holbrook – Silver Eco Church Award
St. Mary’s Church, Horsham – Bronze Eco Church Award
St. Nicolas’ Church, Itchingfield
Trafalgar Road Baptist Church, Horsham

FLOWERS AND SUSTAINABILITY                                                                                                                Information about flower industry concerns, floral foam research, resources and case studies. Flowers and Sustainability – Horsham Eco Churches 9.9.23

TREASURE, SAFEGUARD & CARE FOR CREATION                                                                           Many thanks to St Mark’s Church, Holbrook, for organising this conference on 1st October 2022, as part of Great Big Green Week. Here are links to the videos and pdf downloads of some of the slides, click on the button on the lower right corner to adjust the volume. 

CREATION CARE AWARDS SCHEME                                                                                           Encourages households to make changes to care for God’s earth, the online questionnaire and printable certificates recognise progress made, and resources provide ideas for your next steps towards Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.
West Sussex County Times column by Fairtrade Horsham and blog by Horsham Eco Churches for Sussex Green Living. 
West Sussex County Times column by Horsham Eco Churches for Sussex Green Living. How we can enjoy a greener, more sustainable Christmas.