Jesus, The Rock of Salvation

2nd July 2023, as Horsham Churches Together, people came from the Horsham District to gather for our second in a series of Prayer and Worship events, at Kingdom Faith Horsham.

A word was brought that it was like the Redwood trees, giants of the forest. These trees often grow to well over 300 feet and many can be found standing strong at 20 feet or more in diameter. However, unlike most other smaller trees, the Redwoods have shallow but widespread root systems, intertwining with the roots of other Redwoods. This increases their stability and survival during strong winds and floods. The trees grow in close proximity to each other so they can share nutrients and physically support each other. A reminder that there is power in connection and in community with one another and the importance that we need one another as we move forward as Horsham Churches Together.

A word with another underground natural phenomenon was given, an aquifer – an underground mass of rock, containing water that can be extracted. Each church in Horsham Churches Together is like a well. Each well goes down to the water in the aquifer. Jesus is that living water. As we come together to worship there is a flow of this living water that comes together like a river that God wants to flow out into the town and surrounding villages an area to bring salvation and healing into many people’s lives.

The Bible, God’s word, often communicates using story and metaphor as a way of explaining spiritual truths in human terms. One such metaphor is that Jesus is the ‘Rock of Salvation’ who gives us ‘Living Water’. Many times in the Bible, Jesus is represented as a ‘Rock’ and stability. In the New Testament, Jesus Himself speaks of ‘Living Water’, the Source of Life, not just as natural drinking water, but also as a symbol, spiritually for salvation (for the Holy Spirit). “If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink…” John 7:37. Jesus contrasted our natural need for water with our spiritual thirst. Everyone gets thirsty naturally and there will be a spiritual thirst within us as well for reality, truth and purpose that is found only in Jesus.

The church, as the body of Christ, are ‘water carriers’ for this ‘Living Water’, found in Jesus. Our continued prayers are for the Horsham District to come to Jesus and be satisfied in Him the ‘Living Water’.