One Good Friday Horsham 2022 Update

Message to the Cast and Support Team for One Good Friday, Horsham, 2022

This is a statement from the One Good Friday (OGF) Horsham Steering Group.  

In November 2021, the Steering Group was reconstituted with the initial task of reviewing the viability of delivering this event in 2022. It quickly became clear that due to the timescale, and the vacancy of some key acting and support roles, that it was not practical to deliver the event in April 2022. We then started to look into the viability of delivery in April 2023.

The Steering Group has met a number of times over the last six months, most recently last week. The purpose of our last meeting was to make a final decision about the viability of delivering OGF 2023 in Horsham. Over the months, we have considered a number of issues. Whilst some challenges have been resolved, others remain. We have recognised that we still face significant resourcing, financial and practical challenges which we have been unable to resolve. After lots of discussion and heart searching, we have reluctantly come to the view that we are not in a position to go ahead with the project in 2023, and that we should regard the OGF project as being at an end. This does not mean that it could not be picked up in later years by any or all of the Churches in Horsham, but it will not now take place in 2023.

The Steering Group will now take responsibility for managing the closure of the project, including the return of props and costumes to lenders, and the management of the designated funds which are currently held for OGF. We would hugely value your support and patience as we coordinate these activities.

We are writing today to all stakeholders, including the remaining cast, crew, and those who have supported us in this project to ensure that everyone is aware of our decision and the action which now needs to be taken.

We recognise that this decision will be disappointing for many of the remaining cast and crew who were hoping to be part of OGF 2023. We are so grateful for the continued interest and commitment which so many people have shown. It is important to remind ourselves that during 2019 and 2020, under the leadership of Sarah Holloway (Director) and Rosemary Couchman (Producer), the Churches in Horsham and the surrounding area came together and worked together in an unprecedented way, bringing an incredible production to the point of delivery. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Sarah and Rosemary for their inspirational and prayerful leadership and their dedication to the OGF project.

The cancellation, within days of delivery, was a huge disappointment to everybody and entirely due to lockdown. We recognise that the decision to go no further with the project will add further disappointment for some people. However, whilst we have been unable to progress the OGF vision for 2023, we encourage you to  recognise how much was achieved in bringing us together under the banner of OGF, and to give God the glory for the friendship and unity which was demonstrated across the town in bringing so many people together in prayer and action.

Whilst the OGF project is, for now at least, at an end, we pray that the unity which was achieved in 2020 will provide the inspiration for future projects in which the Churches of Horsham can work together as the Body of Christ in Horsham District.

OGF Steering Group

Rev Michael Hogg, Chair; Faith Aldridge; Samuel Giacomelli; Richard Jackson; Lydia Petch; Karen Petch; Emma Rees