Prayers for Morocco and Libya

This has been a devastating few days in North Africa. A massive earthquake has rocked the city of Marrakesh and the surrounding towns and villages in Morocco, leaving thousands dead, injured, and homeless. There is a lack of search and rescue capability, but there are huge challenges in providing international support and humanitarian aid. In the same week there have been massive and destructive  floods in the wake of Storm Daniel, leaving tens of thousands of people missing and over 100,000 homeless in Libya.
Please pray for Morocco and Libya, especially for access for international support teams to help in search and rescue, and for the provision, acceptance and proper distribution of aid at a time of massive need.

Click here for more recent update on Fundraising to support the disaster response

As at 6pm on 12th September, the UK Disaster Emergency Committee are continuing to review their ability to initiate a disaster fundraising campaign for the North African disasters. Member charities , Action Aid , UNICEF and the Red Cross UK are now accepting donations to support their relief activities in Morocco.

From Sarah and Graham White at St Mary’s…

For many years we took people Рyoung and older Рto Amizmiz, a small town in the Atlas Mountains which is very near the epicentre of the Moroccan earthquake. Scenes there are devastating. Houses are unsafe. Many have died. A village we often prayed round nearby is flattened. The Centre where we stayed is unsafe but the garden is being used to distribute blankets, food, water and dressings for the injured.  Over 100 people from Horsham, from several local churches, have spent time praying and serving in the villages in and around Amizmiz, near the epicentre of the earthquake. A fund has now been set up which will directly benefit these villages. The Donorbox link is 

A Prayer for the people of Morocco from 24/7 Prayer Team in response to the recent earthquake

Heavenly Father, We lift our hearts in prayer for Morocco, shaken by Friday’s earthquake. Hear the cries of the grieving. Comfort those in that place. Guide the rescue teams to survivors. Heal the injured. Strengthen your Church. Aid the nation’s recovery efforts. Give wisdom to political leaders. Swiftly bring aid.
Lord, let your kingdom come, Amen.

A prayer for the people of Libya from Christian Aid following the impact of Storm David which has brought devastation and flooding.

Compassionate God, source of all comfort, we pray for the people whose lives have devastated by rain and flood. Bring them comfort, we pray. Be close to those who mourn. Protect the vulnerable. Strengthen the weak. Keep at bay the spread of disease. Have mercy on all those working to rescue the stranded and to feed the hungry. And may our response to their suffering be generous and bring you praise. For we ask it in Jesus name.