Watoto Children’s Choir

The Watoto Children’s Choir are performing at St John’s Broadbridge Heath on the 17th & 18th of May, as part of their three-month tour. Performing act from their latest album, “Better Days – There Is Hope”, the choir presents the story of orphaned and abandoned African children who’ve received the love and care needed to help them rise above their circumstances, ready to make a difference in the world as they become Africa’s future leaders.

Like Africa, the production is vibrant and colourful, taking you on an emotional journey as the children sing, dance, and share their personal stories of restoration and hope. As people see their smiles and are embraced by their hugs, the children have the privilege of telling people, “No matter what you’re going through, Jesus is our hope and there are better days ahead. Look at what He has done in my life.”

Watoto is a family made up of people from all over the world who are working together to ensure the forgotten have a place to belong. In 1984, in a time of civil war, Watoto planted a local church in Kampala, Uganda to speak hope and life to the nation. Since then, Watoto has rescued thousands of orphaned and abandoned babies and children, placing
them in loving families. They’ve equipped and empowered vulnerable women in their neighbourhoods. And sent over 100 children’s choirs across six continents.

There are no tickets left for the Broadbridge Heath performances, but they will be performing at the Big Church Festival on 25th & 26th May.

Discover more at www.watoto.com